Kindle beats iBooks to Mac App Store

A Kindle application for OSX has been around for a while now, but it might come as a surprise to some that Apple has allowed Amazon's software onto the Mac App Store before the company's own iBooks offering is ready to roll.

That fact that Apple's iPhone and iPad reader App wasn't on the Mac App Store's launch roster certainly raised a few eyebrows and the sudden arrival of Amazon's effort is sure to raise a few more.

The free Kindle App is available now and has already become the fifth most-popular free title in just three days.

Able to play host to more than 775,000 free and paid-for books, the software syncs with your iDevice or Kindle reader, even remembering where you left off if you ever switch platforms mid-book.

We've had a quick fiddle with the app and it's certainly neat and easy to use. We can't help thinking, however, that having to resort to Safari in order to add new titles is a bit clumsy in this day and age.

Until Apple wakes up and releases iBooks for OSX, Mac users should be content with a combination of Amazon's free software and more free classics than you could possibly read in a lifetime.

The Mac App Store has shifted more than a million bits of OSX software since it opened its doors a few short days ago with Apple's own pro and consumer photography titles Aperture and iPhoto nabbing the top two spots when it comes to cash generated from sales.

The increasingly indispensable (for your humble author at least) Twitter is the top free app and the ever-present Angry Birds is the most downloaded paid-for app, despite the fact that methods of obtaining it for free were all over the Internet within hours of the App Store's launch.