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MSI Announces New 10-inch Android Tablet

MSI added two new Android tablets to its range with the announcement at CES of the WindPad 100A, one which runs on Android and was originally called the Windpad 110.

The tablet has a single physical button on the front and is powered by a Cortex A8 processor, possibly from Qualcomm, running at 1GHz.

It comes with a G-sensor gravity detection, which apparently protects the internal hardware in case the unit is dropped (although that would have been more useful had the device had an internal hard disk drive).

At only 12mm at its thinnest point and with a weight of under 700g, the WindPad 100a sports a rather odd dual bezel (white outer frame and black inner frame), comes with a whopping 1GB RAM, USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, GPS, onboard compass and should last for at least eight hours.

The tablet is powered by Android OS 2.2 and should normally offer an upgrade to Gingerbread when it becomes available. No launch date has been confirmed yet for the UK and we are awaiting confirmation for the price.