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News@5: Intel And Nvidia Settle Patent Dispute, Google TV Jailbroken & Goggles For Android

Intel has agreed to pay rival Nvidia $1.5 billion in a six-year cross-licensing patent deal as a part of an out-of-court settlement to a long-running patent infringement lawsuit. The deal will allow Intel to access Nvidia's extensive GPU and supercomputing portfolio for making PC chips, while Nvidia will be granted access to Intel's microprocessor and chipset technology.

Chinese online store Taobao has pulled over 50,000 illegal iTunes accounts auctioned on its site, the company announced on Monday. The announcement follows an investigation by China’s Global Times, which discovered last week that the accounts were being sold on the site for as little as 1 yuan (10p).

Google TV has been jailbroken by the GTVHacker dev team using a combination of software and hardware hacks. In a 6 minute video posted on Youtube, the group shows how Google TV was jailbroken and reveals the underlying Android OS used to power it.

Search giant Google has launched a new version of its Google Goggles app for Android devices, capable of reading barcodes, recognising print-ads and can even solve Sudoku puzzles.

Verizon Wireless' move to offer Apple's iPhone might have an adverse effect on the sales of smartphones running on Google's Android operating system, analysts have claimed.

Dan Hays of management consultation firm PRTM claims that a Verizon iPhone might end up eating into 2 million Android smartphone sales every year.