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NHS Offer Remote Patient Monitoring

NHS patients with chronic heart problems are taking part in a remote monitoring trial, run by Wakefield District Community Healthcare Services (WDCHS).

The trial allows patients to communicate remotely with their hospital and heart specialist, reducing the need for constant visits to their local healthcare establishment, Silicon reports.

Patients are issued with a device, dubbed the Intel Health Guide, that they can use with their broadband connection to communicate with the NHS from their home. The device collects data including their oxygen levels, blood pressure and weight, and sends these to the hospital via an internet connection.

WDCHS is working alongside BT who provides and maintains all the equipment used in the trial.

In a NHS statement, Wakefield patient David Ward said: "Because of the confidence I have in this system... I've started to walk small distances again - I'd go as far as saying it's given me a new lease of life."