No iPhone 5 : Verizon Confirms CDMA Apple iPhone 4

Verizon confirmed that it has managed to break the monopoly AT&T had on the iPhone 4 and that it will be offering its own version of the popular smartphone, albeit as a CDMA version, as early as the 10th of February.

Speaking at a special event, Tim Cook, the COO of Apple said that the company has been looking for that day for a long time before adding that they had "designed" an iPhone 4 that connects to the CDMA network flawlessly.

He did not confirm whether the phone included any new features like an improved antenna design to solve existing connectivity issues that have plagued the release of the original iPhone. Cook however said that they had to make (obvious) changes for the phone to work on the CDMA network.

The phone, which is only available in black, will cost $199 or $299 depending on the model and will include mobile hotspot for up to five devices, something that AT&T has yet to offer.

Cook also confirmed that the phone will not be exclusive to Verizon, instead it is a multi-year non exclusive deal but did not say how many Apple and Verizon expect to sell in the first year.