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No Saudi BlackBerry Web Filtering

Saudi Arabia has not asked Research In Motion (RIM) to filter Internet content accessed through BlackBerry devices in its country, sources have suggested.

Speaking to the Zawya Dow Jones, one source said that that Saudi government had made no contact with RIM with regards to filtering pornographic material on BlackBerry devices, The Wall Street Journal reports.

RIM had previously been ordered by the Indonesian government to make sure that no pornographic material could be accessed in its country by users of BlackBerry devices.

Indonesian Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring warned that if the company did not comply, his government would impose a complete ban on Internet access via BlackBerry devices.

The company has also been in negotiations with the United Arab Emirates and India after their respective governments expressed security concerns related to the use of BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry messenger services have been allowed to continue in the Saudi Kingdom after its telecoms regulator said that some of its regulatory requirements had been met.