RIM CEO Promises QNX-based Dual Core Blackberry Smartphones

The CEO of Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis, confirmed in an interview that Blackberry will be shipping dual core smartphones in the future, possibly powered by QNX rather than Blackberry OS.

Speaking to Sascha Segan of PC Mag, Lazaridis said that the company was working on multi-core smartphones with QNX being the operating system of choice for smartphones and tablets alike.

He also pointed out that the smartphone market is likely to have three segments; Blackberry like phones, Tablets and Superphones and added that tablets are likely to be the best platform for multi-core computing.

RIM has not laid down any time line for product launches; indeed, Lazaridis didn't even say whether this would happen in 2011, showing that the Canadian company is in for the long run and that, as usual, it doesn't focus on pure hardware performance but rather on improving the whole ecosystem.

This means that Blackberry handsets will likely use single core processors using the Cortex A8 while tablets, like the Playbook, will be powered by a TI OMAP4 dual core processor running at 1GHz based on the Cortex A9 architecture.