Sophos: UK Placed Fifth Worst For Spam Relaying

The UK has been named as the fifth worst country for relayed spam messages, according to data published by Sophos.

In its quarterly “Dirty Dozen” list, the security company named and shamed the worst countries in the world for spam relaying.

The USA took first place, with 18 per cent of the worlds spam, and second through to fourth fell to India, Brazil and Russia.

Britain is responsible for around 4 per cent of the worlds relayed spam, according to the list, and has managed to drop in the rankings, having been placed fourth last year.

“In all, we counted spam being sent from an astonishing 232 countries around the world during the last quarter of 2010,” Graham Cluley of Sophos’ Naked Security blog said.

Spam levels dropped sharply over the Christmas period, which was attributed to the Rustock botnet going off line.

“That doesn't mean that computer users have cleaned-up their home computers, but rather that the bad guys are now using the botnet for other activities,” Cluley warned.

On Monday it was reported that rogue messages were back up to their normal levels once again.