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Supreme Court OKs Big Music price fixing trial

The US Supreme Court has allowed a price fixing trial against the four biggest names in the music industry to go ahead.

According to digital trends, the court has declined to review a Federal Court appeal which could have stopped the case being heard.

Now, Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner will potentially be called to appear in court to answer charges that they colluded to fix the price of digital downloads at 70 cents per track, stifling competition from smaller labels.

The case in question is actually being brought against Sony alone in its current form but the other three players, which along with Sony account for something in the order of 80 per cent of all music sales in the USA, are all expected to be dragged into the proceedings.

The origins of the case already go back as far as 2005 and tactical heel-dragging by highly-paid lawyers will almost certainly see the case going well beyond the late 2011 predicted kick-off.