T-Mobile cuts data allowance

Mobile phone network that’s one part of EverythingEverywhere will be enforcing a reduced data allowance sold with a tariff, to 500MB – no matter what has actually been sold with that contract.

T-Mobile has stated in a forum post that from February the 1st the network will be aligning their ‘fair use policies’, by cutting down data allowances to just 500MB.

Android users with the 3GB data allowance will be hit the hardest, where the fair usage policy will force those users down to just half a GB.

Users exceeding 500MB will still be able to browse the internet from their handsets, along with receiving emails but they won’t be able to action any data intensive operations – such as downloading, streaming any media or watching video clips on-line.

There are some exceptions to the forced cap by T-Mobile, where if an extra Internet add-on was purchased outside of the tariff’s standard data allowance there could be a 1GB limit.

This news hasn’t been taken well by T-Mobile customers, where the data speed restriction or media cap has resulted in many crying foul on both Twitter and in the T-Mobile forums.

T-Mobile has qualified they are allowed to action these changes, by informing customers “T-Mobile can alter this non core service as long as reasonable notice has been provided.”

This data cap comes only a short while after Three have taken off all restrictions to their fair usage data policy, where now that mobile phone network is offering a truly unlimited data tariff on their One Plan and anyone can download as much as they want.


Originally published at OneMobileRing.com