Verizon confirms US iPhone 4 February launch

US mobile carrier Verizon has just conformed that it will be flogging Apple's iPhone 4 from February 10th this year.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s president and COO said a few a moments ago: "If the press writes something long enough, eventually, it will be true," commenting on hundreds of unconfirmed reports predicting the launch.

For the past four years, AT&T has held a death grip on the popular handset being the only official carrier to offer the iPhone in all of its past iterations.

Now US Apple fans will be breathing a sigh of relief as they have an opportunity to use Cupertino's finest without resorting to carrier unlock Jailbreaks in order to free them from AT&T's notoriously shonky network and shoddy customer service.

McAdam introduced the CDMA version of the iPhone, which has occasionally been mistaken for the much anticipated iPhone 5, at a Verizon press event.

Despite predictions of an updated antenna design, it appears that the Verizon iPhone 4 is identical to the previously available model in all respects apart from the CDMA chip.

The 16GB model will retail at $199 and you'll need to add an extra 100 bucks if you want the 32GB version, no doubt on a 24-month contract but that is yet to be confirmed as we write.

AT&T customers are expected to defect in their droves.