VLC iOS App pulled over licence spat

Popular open source media player VLC has been suddenly removed from the iTunes App Store in an apparent dispute over the GNU Public Licence on which the software is based.

Apple removed the multi-format media cruncher, which is rightly famous for having a go at playing any kind of audio or video file thrown at it, after one of the original developers of the software on which the the iOS version is based complained to Apple.

Rémi Denis-Courmon has apparently got a bee in his bonnet about an extra layer of DRM which Apple applies at App Store titles saying that it contravenes sections of the GLPv2 licence which covers the code.

Applidium, which made and released the iOS version with help from Denis-Courmon by all accounts, seems to be playing piggy-in-the-middle between the two warring parties and says it hopes to resolve the dispute, and have the popular player re-instated, sooner rather than later, according to Slashgear.