White iPhone 4 coming to America

To be honest, we're a bit tired of going over old ground with yet another prediction of when Apple's iPhone 4 for girls* will appear.

The latest rumour has it that, not only has Verizon loosened AT&T's death grip on the bog-standard black iPhone 4, but that it will also have exclusive rights to sell the fabled White iPhone 4 which will go on sale later today.

The rumour originates from the Tribble Ad Agency web site (no... we hadn't come across it before either) so we have no idea whether the report has any weight.

We're not sure how many punters will jump the AT&T ship simply because of its shoddy network and appalling customer service, or how many will leave in pursuit of an exclusive slab of white glass and steel, but we predict there will be a bit of a mutiny in any case.

Apple has never admitted exactly why it hasn't been able to make a decent white iPhone 4, but the best excuse we've seen thus far is that the glass for the front bezel and back cover couldn't be made opaque enough to stop stray light leaking into the innards of the device's two cameras.

If you're living in the UK or the rest of Europe you'll almost certainly have to wait until America has had its fill before even getting a sniff of a white iPhone.

* Apparently, 80 per cent of the punters holding out for a white iPhone 4 are of a female persuasion so you can put the crayon down now.