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Can't afford a real iPad?

If Santa failed to bring you an iPad this Christmas, and you feel like you can't get through another week without having a fiddle with Apple's desirable slab of glass and technical jiggery pokery, this could be your lucky day.

We've just come across this impressive iPad Simulator built from Java and CSS3 by a chap named Alex W.

It's far from complete but impressive all the same, with proper 'spring effect' on sliding home pages, fancy CSS reflections and shadows in the dock icons, a working lock screen and a home button if you get lost.

Most of the Apps don't really work and those that do have some pretty scary security implications (running a web browser within a web browser and posting personal information therein could, apparently, cause you a whole world of pain) and the whole thing is pretty much a complete waste of time, but it's an interesting and impressive waste of time all the same.

Go check it out now before Apple's dogs of law get wind of the heresy and shut it down.