Facebook Makes New Profile Design Compulsory

Facebook has made its new profile design mandatory to its 500 million plus users.

The new profile, introduced in December, adds a film strip-like photo reel to profile pages, as well as making personal information such as relationship status, work profile and education details much more prominent.

The revamped design also allows users to highlight important friendships on the site.

Facebook had previously given users the choice of using the new profile or the older profile style, but now every single profile on the platform will incorporate the new design.

"Last month, we introduced the new profile, which now makes it even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends. For the month of December, we gave people the option to upgrade to the new profile early, and hundreds of millions of you made the switch. Starting today, we'll be rolling out the new profile to everyone," Facebook engineer Philip Rha announced on the site yesterday.