Facebook Used For Anti-Teacher Hate Campaigns

Facebook and other social networks are being used by parents and children to launch hate campaigns against school teachers, The National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) has warned.

In response, the association has issued a set of guidelines for teachers on how to deal with a situation if they face online abuse by a parent or students. NAHT has also advised headteachers on how to deal with such situations before they escalate.

However, parents claim that they are forced to start online petitions against a teacher or a school's management when the school refuses to listen to their complaint and fails to act.

Russell Hobby, NAHT General Secretary, told BBC News: “Parents have a right to express their views and complaints should be heard; schools can only benefit from constructive feedback.”

“Too often, though, social networking sites are a medium for the unreasonable and the unprincipled, and have a momentum out of all proportion to reality,” he added.

Hobby said that the lack of accountability, anonymity and technological advances over the Internet were being abused by people to single out particular teachers and target them.