Google Releases API For

Google has released the API to its URL shortening service, allowing developers to incorporate the free service on their web apps.

In a post on the Google Code Blog, the company said that developers will now be able to incorporate the URL shortening service on their websites and apps.

Google said that developers could use the API to make automatic URL shortens for micro-blogging platform Twitter or the company's own Google Buzz.

“With this API, developers are able to programmatically access all of the fast, sleek goodness that we currently provide via the web interface. You can shorten and expand URLs using the API, as well as fetch your history and analytics,” the company explained.

URL shortening services are used extensively on Twitter, where users can't post messages longer than 140 characters. However, such services are frequently targeted by spam attacks.

Google said that it continues to work towards increasing the security on its URL shortening service and hinted at future updates.