iOS 4.3 To Add Wireless Hotspot To iPhone 4

One of the biggest iPhone related rumours of the day has to do with the recent Verizon iPhone 4 announcement; the next iOS 4.3 will apparently come with a personal hotspot feature.

BGR says that a source "confirmed" that it will be released to all iPhones (potentially from 3G onwards) regardless of the carrier.

It is likely however that the network operator will charge extra for the ability to use the phone as a wireless mobile hotspot.

BGR says that iOS 4.3 will land in March with version 8F5148b and the baseband will be 04.08.00. Up to five devices may be connected to the hotspot apparently, either using Wi-Fi or surprise, surprise, Bluetooth.

Android users have been able to use tethering for free since version 2.2 which was released eight months ago. Let's hope that the iPad and the iPod Touch will also be allowed to do tethering.

The question remains though as to how much mobile phone operators will be charging on top of the regular contract for the tethering option especially as data allowances are squeezed.