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iPad 2 Coming On February 1st - Is Kevin Rose Wrong?

There are currently two rumours running concurrently regarding the launch of the Apple iPad 2 tablet, one which was brought up by Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg who said that the device will be launched on Tuesday 1st of February while Forbes & others mention the 19th of January or next week.

While Kevin Rose is a respected technology commentator, his past predictions about everything Apple have been far from accurate, especially as they always include a trusted source.

Back in December 2006, he predicted that the first iPhone would be available in CDMA and GSM flavours (had to wait for version 4 for that), would include two battery designs as well as a slide out keyboard (never happened).

Then there's the timing; the first iPad release was on a Wednesday which the 19th of January is, while Rose argues that this time, Apple will launch the iPad on a Tuesday.

He also reckons that the iPad will feature a retina display (hardly unlikely as it involves very high cost, power and development overheads) and front and back cameras which are a certainty given how keen Apple is on Facetime.