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Microsoft Takes On Apple Over 'App Store' Trademark

Microsoft has asked the US Patents and Trademark Office not to reject Apple's move to trademark the term 'App Store'.

The software giant has argued that 'App Store' is a generic term, and so every entity that deals in web-based and smartphone applications should be able to use rather than just one organisation.

Apple had filed an application to get the rights to the term 'App Store' in 2008, the same year it launched the iTunes App Store for iPhone 3G.

In an opposition filing with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Redmond-based Microsoft claims that 'App' is a generic term used to represent what is sold at app stores and 'Store' is also a generic term used by retailers both online and offline.

Microsoft also claims that Apple CEO Steve Jobs also believes that the term App Store is generic and cited an interview of him in the filing.

Jobs is reported to have said that “Amazon, Verizon and Vodafone have all announced that they are creating their own app stores for Android”, indicating that the term is generic.