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Nintendo 3DS Now Up For Pre-Order

The Nintendo 3DS is now up for pre-order from UK retailer websites.

According to Eurogamer: WH Smiths, The Hut, BestBuy UK and Woolworths have all been spotted offering the handheld console for pre-sale on their websites. The sites suggest that the device will ship on 18 March to those buying it in advance.

Asda also has it down for pre-order, but is yet to reveal a price. is listing the 3DS, although at this stage is only allowing customers to register their interest.

The console which is to cost a staggering £299, will reportedly suffer from a relatively short battery life - a paltry 3-5 hours with 3D functionality on and 5-8 hours with it off - a massive contrast with the DS, which had a battery that could last as long as 19 hours.

The console has also been the subject of controversy, after Nintendo warned that the 3D device could pose a risk to young children’s eyesight. The company later defended the console claiming that the warning was “not saying the product is dangerous”.

The 3DS will launch on 26 February in Japan, but Nintendo is yet to announce an official UK release date. MCV speculate that it will arrive in Britain on 25 March.