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WikiLeaks’ Assange gets colouring book tribute

Fancy knocking up your own very personal tribute to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange? Then turn the Australian's fizzog into a multi-coloured work of art with a newly launched online colouring book.

The web site provides line drawings of our Julian in a number of poses, including a rather fetching homage to hero of the Cuban revolution, Che Guevara (pictured), and a picture of Julian gagged by the Stars and Stripes. All you need to do is colour them up using the paintbrush tools provided.

With an online gallery to display your finished doodles, it's the perfect pastime for any budding Assangelist with time on their hands.

Assange - who's been in the habit of changing his hair colour more often than most internationally wanted cyber-activists change their country of residence - might even take the opportunity to try out a few new looks himself, while under "mansion arrest" at the Suffolk home of his friend and fellow journalist, Vaughan Smith.

A change of appearance might not be such a bad idea, either. With the news that he may face illegal rendition to the US and execution if extradited to Sweden, the thought of doing a runner must have crossed his mind more than once.

You can find The Julian Assange Coloring Book here.