Apple Set To Remove Home Button In iPhone 5, iPad 2

The introduction of multitouch gestures in the new iOS 4.3 beta will coincide with the removal of the only physical button present on the front of the iPad and the iPhone, sources close to the matter have told BGR.

The site adds that the iPad will be the first to lose the button and that the iPhone will be the next on the list; it is likely that the iPod Touch will follow suit.

Instead, multitouch gestures will be used to access the home screen and to launch the app switcher. It is likely that the multitouch gestures settings will be customisable as well.

Button-less devices are apparently already being tested on Apple's Campus in Cupertino and the changes may happen as early as this year.

No front button has apparently been one of the wishes of Steve Jobs when the original iPhone was launched and it looks as if this will happen very soon.

Google has also said that Honeycomb, the next version of Android destined to be used on tablet devices, will not require any physical buttons.