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Asus Says Honeycomb Tablets Will Be Late

Those wanting to buy the Asus Android-based tablets on show at CES last week will be disappointed to learn that the Taiwanese company won't be launching them until the third quarter of 2011.

John Swatton, the marketing spokesperson at Asus, told the Inquirer that the company is yet to get all the details regarding Honeycomb - otherwise known as Android 3.0 - and so is not in a position to confirm that it will be used on the tablets.

Swatton went on to say that Asus made a mistake at CES when it pre-announced the tablets with Honeycomb; it is more than likely that they will actually be launched with Android 2.3 Gingerbread instead.

Lacking phone functionality, the tablets won't come with access to the Android marketplace - something which may explain why we've heard rumours about the impending launch of an Asus app store at CeBIT in March.

Importantly, the news shows how some partners, like Motorola, enjoy a very special relationship with Google. The US company, which is now known as Motorola Mobility, has already launched a fully working tablet, the Xoom, based on Android 3.0.