Cisco Releases PCI Compliance Survey Results

Enterprise networking giant Cisco has released the results of one of the most comprehensive PCI compliance surveys ever.

The survey, which depicts a clearer picture of how organisations are faring in their efforts to be PCI compliant, questioned IT decisions makers of 500 US based companies spanning across health care, retail, education, government and financial sectors.

Cisco found that 22 per cent of the businesses employed more than 10,000 people, and that 40 per cent had more than 1,000 employees.

The survey found that a massive 85 per cent of businesses were confident that they could pass a surprise PCI audit on any given day and that 70 percent of the businesses felt that adhering to PCI standards had made their network more secure. A mere 10 percent of businesses believed that they were still vulnerable.

Of the businesses, 67 per cent were found to be planning to increase their PCI compliance spending, and only a paltry 1 per cent said that their spending would decrease next year. The survey also revealed that 13 per cent of businesses felt that PCI compliance was negative.