Computer History Museum Opens Doors On $19 Million Renovation

The Computer History Museum has unveiled its new 'R:Evolution' exhibit, created as part of a major renovation project.

The new exhibit, which opens today, will feature over 100,000 items spread across 19 galleries displaying the evolution of computer science and related technologies.

The museum has spent $19 million on the renovation, donated by high profile beneficiaries such as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

A selection of the most famous figures responsible for significant contributions in the advancement of computing and a number of reporters were invited for an advanced preview of the refit.

Some of the computing legends present at the showcase were Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, IBM fellow Frances Allen and Atari co-founder Al Alcorn.

Museum president John C. Hollar said in a statement to PC Mag: “We are trying to construct an institution that will live forever, that will be around 100 years from now, and will tell the story of computer history that's not over yet.”