Don't Buy The Verizon iPhone 4, Wait For The iPhone 5 Instead

So, Apple has launched a CDMA version of its iPhone 4 – less than five months to go before the iPhone 5 is expected to arrive. Is it a cynical ploy by Apple to boost sales of the company's current flagship? We’ll never know.

Launched only three days ago, the new iPhone features a completely designed antenna - eliminating all 'death-grip' issues - and a bunch of new components to offer CDMA compatibility, something that will allow not only Verizon, but tens of millions of customers across Asia to use the device.

But given that Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 5 in a few months time (we've got bets on it arriving 6/6/2011 in San Francisco), it would be unwise NOT to wait until then, especially as the new model will probably offer both CDMA and GSM.

Qualcomm is rumoured to be be producing the baseband hardware and the GSM module (potentially merging both of them on one chip) after Infineon was acquired by Intel in August.

This means that globetrotting users won't need to swap phones, only SIM cards.

The new device is also set to pack much improved hardware to compete with current iPhone rivals like the LG Optimus 2X and the Motorola Atrix, which offer significantly faster kit and infinitely better graphics capabilities.