Google Buys eBook Technologies

Google has announced the acquisition of eBook Technologies, a company specialising in the development of "intelligent" e-reader devices and the licensing of technology that enable automated content publication and control over content distribution.

The search giant is yet to announce how it plans to use the technology gained from the acquisition, but it is speculated that the move could be aimed at enhancing the reading experience on tablets and smartphones through its Google Books platform.

A post on the eBook Technologies site announces the acquisition: “eBook Technologies, Inc. is excited to announce that we have been acquired by Google. Working together with Google will further our commitment to providing a first-class reading experience on emerging tablets, e-readers and other portable devices.”

With the advent of a multitude of Android-based tablet devices and smartphones, Google seems to be planning to capitalise on the acquisition to deliver a robust ebook platform to compete with rivals like Apple and Amazon.The financial details of the acquisition have not yet been disclosed.