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iOS 4.3 Beta Contains "Proof" Of iPad 2 Cameras

The latest iOS 4.3 SDK has delivered yet another surprise as it now appears almost certain that the iPad 2 will come with not one but two cameras, probably a front facing and a rear one.

9to5mac points out to the presence, within the SDK of images of a shutter which is large enough to fit the iPad's XGA screen comfortably as well as camera rolls.

Given Apple's enthusiasm about Facetime, it is likely that two cameras will be onboard; obviously, it ties nicely with that video from CES 2011 leaked to an accessory manufacturer which shows a dummy prototype of an iPad complete with the two cameras.

At the same time, the size of the PNG files, 1024x768 pixels, means that Kevin Rose's prediction that the iPad 2 will have a much higher resolution (quasi retina display), are almost certainly wrong.

For reasons associated with costs, performance and compatibility, a 4-megapixel screen for the iPad was never seriously on the table.

We expect the Apple iPad 2 to be presented on the 19th of January in San Francisco at the same time as the newspaper service created by News Corp and called The Daily.