iPad 2 And iPhone 5 Home Button Replaced By Gestures & Voice Recognition?

Apple looks set to ditch the home button on its upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 5 devices in favour of using gestures, but this control method is limited - especially when you are wearing gloves.

What Apple is likely to do is back it up with another mode of communications, and we're thinking that voice recognition (rather than facial recognition) will fit the bill.

Apple has already been granted a number of patents for speech recognition systems, including one dating back to the 24th of October 2006 relating to the generation of language models and the interpretation of speech based upon them.

Those who have witnessed Microsoft's Ron Forbes issuing commands to Zune via the Kinect during the software giant's keynote at CES 2011 will know how much of a game changer this can be.

Apple also bought startup Siri in April 2010, which developed voice-activated search apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and was granted more key patents for seamless contextual voice commands back in December 2010.

Based on this, we're pretty confident Apple will not only remove the home button on the next iPad and iPhone, but will also bring in gesture control and voice recognition to replace it.