"iPhone 5" Pics Showed Verizon iPhone 4 Parts

A few days ago, pictures of an aluminium frame for what seemed to be the iPhone 5 emerged online and we can now confirmed that they were actually parts for the Verizon iPhone 4.

The original images can be found here and shows very small but significant differences between the GSM and the CDMA frames. The latter has four bands rather than three and you can actually view both the AT&T and the Verizon iPhone 4 over at Slashgear.

Looking closely at the pictures, you will find four black bands on the Verizon Wireless model with a slightly different positioning for the vibrate switch and volume keys.

This lead us to believe that Apple must have changed something on the board itself which means that a CDMA motherboard will not align perfectly in a GSM case and vice versa.

The fact that Apple has asked for the original Global Direct parts video to be taken down means that the parts were genuine.

Indeed, GlobalDirectParts.com sells OEM parts for the iPhone 4 (and for dozens of other devices as well); these include the rare white OEM Apple iPhone 4 battery door without the flash trim ring.