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Keith Vaz shows up at Westminster gaming jolly

Keith Vaz raised a few eyebrows last night when he turned up at a Westminster beano aimed at getting MPs to offer their support to the UK gaming industry.

Vaz, who has created more shrill Daily Wail headlines than Abu Hamza, with his ill-informed anti-gaming rhetoric, was the last Tory anyone expected to see wandering through the doors of the Parliament Games Day held at Portcullis House, just across the road from the UK's seat of government.

Organised by pressure group Gamer's Voice, the gathering of sympathetic souls was amazed by Vaz's proclamation, "I've never been against games," Eurogamer (opens in new tab) reports.

The Leicester MP has actually waged an untiring campaign against any game which doesn't sit comfortably with his own take on morality, having targeted the likes of the Manhunt and Call of Duty franchises in the past.

In last night's company, however, his stance seems to have softened somewhat as he insisted he was only trying to protect the kiddies, not stop grown ups from virtually chopping each other to bits with chain saws.

"I don't oppose games," he said. "I just think it's very important that people respect and acknowledge the age limits. And the campaign has always been about ensuring there is proper labelling so that people know exactly what kind of games they should have."

Paul Gibson from Gamer's voice said, "When Keith Vaz walked in there was a murmur of recognition across the room. He hasn't made many friends in the videogames industry."

Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey, who is known to be a keen joystick jiggler, said: "I'm constantly teasing Keith and I think he is aware of the sea-change in videogames and that, particularly with the new generation coming into parliament, there are now many more MPs who grew up with games as a normal part of their life." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.