News@10: Verizon iPhone 4 Is Really An iPhone 4.5, Nintendo 3DS Up For Pre-Order & Nintendo Wii

The new Verizon iPhone 4 landed yesterday and there seems to be at least one huge difference with the AT&T-based iPhone 4, one that's enough to warrant the moniker of iPhone 4.5.

The Nintendo 3DS is now up for pre-order from UK retailer websites. According to Eurogamer: WH Smiths, The Hut, BestBuy UK and Woolworths have all been spotted offering the handheld console for pre-sale on their websites. The sites suggest that the device will ship on 18 March to those buying it in advance.

The British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) has revealed that there was a 72 per cent rise in the number of people suffering strain injuries from overusing their Wii gaming consoles and iPhones over the Christmas holidays.

eBay has announced that mobile shopping is on the up and Brits are leading the pack. According to eBay, shoppers in the UK and Germany are purchasing more items from its mobile app than people from any other country, accounting for nearly one-third of all sales via the app.

T-Mobile has announced that it is watering down plans to cut its fair use data quota to 500MB on the 1st of February, down from 3GB on its Android smartphones.