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Shazam and Spotify in musical mobile link

Popular music media giants Shazam and Spotify have announced a partnership where Spotify will be integrated inside of the free and paid for Shazam applications on Android, iPhone and iPod touch devices.

The new link-up allows for Shazam users to play tracks the app recognises, through a ‘Play in Spotify’ feature that’s now inside of the application – with more of a seamless integration for music identification and playback on mobile devices.

Premium users of the Shazam Encore software will now be able to play tracks through the built in access to Spotify, where the free version will have access to the ‘Play in Spotify’ feature before the start of April.

This ability still needs to have Spotify installed, with the app being able to play the track instantly when tagged or discovered by Shazam and even added to the music library too.

Both of these apps are in the top downloaded pieces of software on each operating system's App repositories, where this further integration will just add to those numbers rising even more.

The new Shazam and Spotify feature works in Spotify Premium app, which is needed for a mobile phone and is currently available for the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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