Slow Growth Posted In The PC Market

The PC sector grew at lower than expected levels for the fourth quarter of last year, new market data has revealed.

The market only grew by 2.7 per cent in the fourth quarter, failing to meet projections made by research firm IDC - the company had originally predicted growth of around 5.5 per cent.

IDC said that 92.1 million PC units were shipped during this time.

The research firm added that global personal computer growth has been slowed by the rising popularity of tablet devices, like Apple's iPad, as well as the fact that people are happy with the computer hardware they currently own.

The company expects this trend to continue into 2011, with a slew of tablet devices already being launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to IDC, Hewlett-Packard remained the top PC maker in the world, shipping 18 million units in fourth quarter. HP was followed by Dell with 11 million PC shipments, who had ousted Acer out of second place.