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Sony PSP2 Expected To Be As Powerful As PS3 Console

Could the heir to the Sony Playstation Portable console be as powerful as the PS3 gaming console? Well, it seems that developers are being told by Sony that this will be the case.

According to MCV, Sony is promising that the PSP2 will be just as capable as the PS3 which carries some very interesting implications both in terms of market positioning and technical abilities.

MCV says the PSP2 will be able to play downloadable content and physical media, the lack of which on the older PSP Go may have put off a number of prospective buyers.

Given that the PSP was released four years after the original Playstation 2, it does make perfect sense for Sony to release a PSP2 console that can match the PS3, five years after the latter's launch.

That said, expect some significant technical obstacles to crop up mainly related to the power consumption and heat dissipation of the PS3 chip.

Whether the PSP2 will be a competitor to the PS3 itself depends on its price positioning and whether it can actually do 1080p output via HDMI, which is highly unlikely.

Expect the gaming console to be released towards the end of the year possibly in the fourth quarter, just ahead of the Christmas holiday (already!).