T-Mobile backs down on cutting data allowance

Mobile phone network that’s a part of EverythingEverywhere has announced it is backing down from the enforcement of reducing data allowances sold with a tariff, but only for existing T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile stated in a forum post earlier on in the week that from February the 1st the network will be aligning their ‘fair use policies’, by cutting down all data allowances to just 500MB – they have now reviewed that policy, after the customer backlash.

The new fair usage policy will only affect new users, where contracts that were sold with data allowances above 500MB will still have access to that amount after the complete turnaround by T-Mobile from their previous statement.

T-Mobiles forums were alight with complaints from the news at the start of the week, with many existing users having cause for concern – as they had paid a premium for a larger data allowance, which they were going to be denied.

The network has stated they still will not charge when a new T-Mobile customer exceeds the 500MB limit, as they will still be able to access web browsing and email but won’t be able to download or stream any media.

T-Mobile has also said for the very first time, new users will be able to purchase a Mobile Broadband Booster to 1GB and will be able to reach that limit before restrictions are once again imposed.

http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/datachanges *updated since Monday*

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com