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T-Mobile UK May Alleviate Data Allowance Cut With Free "Offload" App

T-Mobile UK may roll out an application developed by Kineto Wireless that will allow users to switch seamlessly from mobile networks to Wi-Fi in order to improve performance and prevent service deterioration.

T-Mobile has already rolled out the application, which works for voice and data, across a range of Android-powered devices in the US on the Motorola Defy, T-Mobile MyTouch, T-Mobile Cliq and T-Mobile G2.

According to a spokesperson for the firm, it will provide a "fluid mobile internet experience"; Orange is already offering a free "Signal Boost" application which aims at solving the indoor coverage challenge on at least one of its handsets, the LG Optimus and more will soon be added.

Given that T-Mobile UK is now part of Everything, Everywhere, it is very likely that the Kineto Wireless application will be rolled out to T-Mobile as well.

The move by T-Mobile UK to cut its monthly data allowance shows that most of the mobile market is not looking to invest heavily, at least for now, in ways that will allow users to consume more data.

Only two mobile operators, 3 UK and Giffgaff, have pledged to provide with unlimited, unrestricted mobile broadband provided that the service is not abused in any way (no P2P, VoIP, tethering or PC usage).