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THINQ calls fake on CES iPad 2 video footage

Video footage purporting to be of Apple's much-predicted iPad 2 is a big fat fake in our book.

The 50-second clip (opens in new tab), which turned up on YouTube a day or two ago via Gearzap which claims it's a dummy model given to case manufacturers at this year's CES show in Las Vegas.

Don't get us wrong, we love a sneakily-shot blurry-cam video as much as the next geek, but there's just so much wrong with this particular offering that we're calling big fat shenanigans.

First of all, Apple was very much conspicuous by its absence at this year's Gadgetpalooza in the desert, so why would Steve Jobs send one of his minions to the show clutching valuable prototypes in order to hand them over to Chinese peripheral makers?

It's also clear from the footage that the screen shown is a non-working model with some pretty dodgy-looking icons on it. Commenters have pointed out that it's probably a dummy with no working electronics inside. But if that's the case, why go to all the trouble of adding a fake screen, a battery and a backlight? After all, the only thing case manufacturers would need would be the physical chassis with positions for the ports and switches marked.

We also have to wonder why the video's original audio track has been masked with a loop of a crowd cheering. What, exactly, did the video's creator not want us to hear?

But by far the biggest give-away, however, is the giant 'iPad 2' printed on the back of the fake case.

The day the notoriously-secretive Apple hands out manufacturing prototypes with 'iPad 2' plastered all over them in 72-point Helvetica Letraset (with apologies to younger readers) is the day your average Apple fanboy goes out and buys a Windows PC.

The real iPad 2 is expected to arrive in February... with the proper font. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.