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Wikipedia Turns 10, Sets Sights On India

Wikipedia is targeting India and Brazil to reach its goal of 1 billion users as it turns 10.

The site, which is set to celebrate its tenth birthday on Saturday, already records 410 million unique monthly visitors, making it the fifth most popular site in the world.

Wikipedia aims to hit the one billion user mark over the next five years whilst still maintaining its not-for-profit status, executive director Sue Gardner told Reuters.

The website's popularity, coupled with its not-for-profit model, has astounded many Silicon Valley bigwigs who strive to generate the traffic enjoyed by Wikipedia for monetisation.

Gardner said: “We're a little bit confounding to folks in Silicon Valley because they look at us and see the potential for monetisation, just because their entire world is geared toward monetisation.”

"We don't move in the world of IPOs and valuation and investment," she added. "We never talk about it, we never think about it."

The website will be opening its first oversees office in India this week and has planned around 60 events across the country to celebrate its 10-year anniversary and broadcast its cause.