ARM-powered Google TV boxes on the cards

Rumour has it that Google's recent negotiations with Brit chip shop ARM have resulted in a deal which will see the Internet advertising giant using ARM's low-draw chips in a new generation of Google TV set-top boxes.

Slashgear says its insider sources have confirmed the deal, which will see Google switching at least some of its hardware from Intel's CE4100 media chips to silicon designed and licensed by ARM, although it's not clear if the move will cut out Intel altogether.

Intel supremo Paul Otellini tried hard to talk down ARM's global march to dominance in the low-power processor market in a financial call earlier today, but this news will only serve to cast more doubt over the future of Intel's Atom-based offerings.

The good news is that using ARM-designed chips should drive the price of Google TV hardware down from its current level, where Logitec's Revue weighs in at $300, to a more casual purchase-friendly $100, in line with Apple's recently refreshed Apple TV.