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BMA Against NHS Plans For Patient Access

The British Medical Association (BMA) has warned the government that its plans to allow patients to access their own medical records as part of the 'Liberating the NHS' programme could fail due to a lack of funding.

The association said that there were not enough funds to go ahead with the scheme and measures will be needed to prevent unlawful access to a patient's information or its leakage.

In its consultation papers, the BMA added that it is necessary to involve doctors in making the information available to patients.

The BMA lauded the government for its efforts to make medical records available to patients, but said that in the current scenario, where there is a lack of funds, a secure system is not possible.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, a member of BMA’s Working Party on IT told eWeek Europe that it would be extremely hard to deliver a robust system, considering the current financial constraints faced by the NHS.

“Delivering the information revolution cost-effectively and equitably will depend on building on the systems that are currently in place and working well, and on involving clinicians,” he said.