Intel makes more money than God

Intel Corporation said it made tidy $11.7 billion profit on sales of $43.6 billion, claiming a handsome margin of 66 per cent during its financial 2010.

President and CEO, Paul Otellini said, "2010 was the best year in Intel's history," yet dared to predict that "2011 will be even better." And that's from the bloke who confessed he failed to see the smartphone boom coming, ceding that market to pesky Brit competitor ARM.

The company said it generated approximately $16.7 billion in cash from operations, paid cash dividends of $3.5 billion, and used $1.5 billion to repurchase 70 million shares of common stock.

For its recently closed fourth-quarter, Intel posted sales revenue of $11.5 billion with a net profit of $3.39 billion. Fourth-quarter revenue, operating income, net income, and EPS were also all records, the firm crowed. It claimed a margin just shy of an outstanding 70 per cent, enough to make anyone in any other business weep.

The chip maker said it was looking forward to revenue of $11.5 billion, in Q1 2011, plus or minus $400 million or so, though it didn't expect to maintain that sort of heady margin.