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News Corp And Apple Delay iPad Newspaper The Daily

Apple and News Corporation have delayed the launch of The Daily, the first iPad only newspaper app.

Sources cited by All Things D inform that its launch has been put on hold owing to a publications subscription service being primed for Apple iTunes. Apple wants to tweak the platform further before launching it alongside 'The Daily' iPad app.

The app is to feature a new "push" system, where readers will be charged either on a weekly or monthly basis, and would receive a new edition of the ipaper every morning.

The Daily was to be unveiled at an event on January 19th at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and News Corp. Rupert Murdoch.

News Corp. Rupert Murdoch has been backing the project heavily in recent months, claiming that the publication was his "No. 1 most exciting project" and would be a "game changer".

A member of News Corp's PR team confirmed the delay but failed to provide more details. Apple is yet to comment. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.