Orange UK To Sell Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

The PlayStation Phone - otherwise known as the Xperia Play - will apparently go on sale at Everything Everywhere, the company created by the fusion of Orange and T-Mobile.

Mobile Magazine cites one of its "well placed" industry contacts as its source, who has said that Orange, as the premium brand, will almost certainly get the phone.

The Xperia Play will run on Android 2.3 with Sony Ericsson's proprietary UI (an updated version of Timescape) and looks set to come with a pre-installed PlayStation app that will access the phone's gaming functionality.

Expect the phone to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (we suspect the single core MSM8655) with 512MB RAM and loads of internal storage.

The Xperia Play will be launched at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks' time according to our sources and will be widely available within weeks in the UK.

Given that Sony Ericsson has already trademarked the name "Xperia Play" in the European Union and that the PR agency that deals with Sony Ericsson in Sweden has already purchased related domain names, it's almost a certainty that the PSP phone will be known as the Xperia Play.