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Samsung Galaxy S Mini snaps leaked

Sneaky snaps of a smartphone reported to be new Android-based iPhone 4 rival the Samsung Galaxy S Mini have leaked all over the Internet.

The gallery of blurrycam images first appeared on Samfirmware, which says the palm-friendly handset sports Android 2.2, codenamed 'Froyo', and will be officially unvelied at this year's Mobile World Congress which kicks off in Barcelona on Valentine's day.

Other specs volunteered but not conformed in any meaningful way include the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, two cameras (one with an LED flash), a Micro SD slot and a Micro USB port for charging and data tranfer duties.

Samsung seems to have taken its design cues from Apple's iPhone 4 as long as you only look at the front of the device. Turn it around, however, and the bulbous plastic back gives the game away somewhat.

At least one Chinese website is claiming that the phone has an HGVA (480x320) display - but how they can tell that from a few blurry snaps is a mystery to us.

No-one we can find has offered physical dimensions for the gadget either, so quite how 'mini' the Galaxy S Mini is remains to be seen.