Wikipedia Founder Admits Site Is Too Difficult To Use

Wikimedia foundation founder Jimmy Wales has admitted that the site is too complicated for many people wanting to contribute content.

Wales said that Wikipedia needed to introduce a new and simpler editing model for users, while still keeping the people who have made the website into what it is today content.

He also said that most people were scared of using the complicated code, which is known an Wiki mark-up, for formatting articles for the website.

“If you click edit and you see some Wiki syntax and some bizarre table structure - a lot of people are literally afraid. They're good people and they don't want to break something,” he told BBC News.

Wikipedia plans to increase its user base to one billion users by 2015 with the help of emerging nations like India and Brazil. Wikipedia will be soon opening its first oversees office in Bangalore, India.

Wikipedia will turn ten years old on 15 January this Saturday. The platform is the fifth most visited website in the world.