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AWS Cloud Used To Brute Force Wi-Fi Passwords

New security research has demonstrated how for-rent cloud computing services can be used to launch a brute force attack targeted at password protected Wi-Fi systems.

Thomas Roth has developed an open source brute force attack solution known as Cloud Cracking Suite (CCS) that uses Amazon's rentable EC2 cloud computing service to crack the WPA-PSK key used to safe-guard Wi-Fi network.

Roth plans on releasing the software at the Black Hat security conference in Washington D.C on 19 January.

The software uses eight GPU-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances to launch a brute force attack on a Wi-Fi network at the speed of 400,000 attempted passwords per second.

“If [the password is] in a dictionary it'll be very fast, but if you have to brute force it and it's longer than eight characters and its complexity is okay, it'll take a very long time,” Roth said in a statement to ZD Net UK (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.