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Game Hating Keith Vaz Shows Up At Westminster Games Event

The UK's most vocal anti-gaming MP Keith Vaz was spotted at an event organised by consumer group Gamer's Voice - and apparently he likes games after all.

The event was also attended by culture minister Ed Vaizey and John Whittingdale, a member of parliamentary group for games industry, and by Dr Richard Wilson of TIGA and Mike Rawlinson of UKIE.

MPs present at the event took a break from haggling over parliamentary issues to indulge in a spot of light gaming on a range of titles, like Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Kinect Sports, Dead Space: Extraction, World of Goo and Heavy Rain.

Vaz later told Eurogamer: “I've never been against games. I've been against violent games that are able to fall into the hands of young people who are perhaps not able to understand the implications of what they're doing.”

Speaking about Vaz's appearance, chairman of Gameer's Voice Paul Gibson said: "When Keith Vaz walked in there was a murmur of recognition across the room."

"Keith is a sensible MP but at the same time he hasn't made many friends in the videogames industry. For him to show up this evening is a show of good will on his part, because he knew when he walked into that room that everyone was going to turn and look. It's fantastic that he came along - he didn't stay for long - but the fact he came speaks volumes."

The event was launched to encourage MPs to offer their support to the UK gaming industry.