Wikipedia Wales: Apple could ruin the Internet

Apple poses a "threat" to the openness of the Internet, with is dominance of mobile web apps, according to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Wales has been celebrating the 10th anniversary Wikipedia, the DIY encyclopedia, and tipped up at Bristol University to talk about that and the way the online world is developing

And, according to the man himself, Apple's tight control of the distribution of apps through its all-conquering iOS platform, constitutes a "closed system," which is a menace to the openness of the Internet.

"The concern is that in order to make software and distribute it for free, you have to get permission from Apple, so that chokepoint is very dangerous and something I'm concerned about.

"When you own a device and you want to give someone that software, you should not have to get permission from someone else and I think that is a very important thing," said Wales, according to a report in MacWorld.

"People talk about net neutrality as an issue but the real action is in thinking about whether apps are a threat to the openness of the system," he said.

“A lot of the things that people are afraid of are in reality a long way from happening. The real threat comes from the apps model.”

Apple's pioneering App Store is being copied by other companies, however. Indeed Microsoft is complaining that even the App Store term itself should not be exclusive to Apple, since everyone wants in on the action.

One problem with Apple's model is the fact that any App Steve Jobs or his henchmen don't like the look of will receive the order of the boot, constraining freedom of choice to Apple world view.